San Diego Public School District Admits Pushing Struggling Students Toward Charter Schools
August 16, 2017

Students who began as part of San Diego Unified’s class of 2016 but who left district high schools and transferred to a charter school had a combined grade point average of 1.75 at the time they transferred, district records released through a Public Records Act request show.

That bolsters the case that charter schools acted as an escape hatch for San Diego Unified students, taking in some of the school district’s lowest-performing high school students and helping the district land a 91 percent graduation rate in 2016 – the highest on record.

On a 4.0 scale, a combined GPA of 1.75 equates to a C-minus average. In order to earn a high school diploma from San Diego Unified, students have to pass all high school requirements and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Not only does the data show the lowest-performing students were transferring out of the district, school officials now admit that’s exactly what has happened in the past – a major reversal after vehemently denying that was the case.

Read the whole story at Voice of San Diego.



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