January 18, 2016

Hungry Children Can’t Focus” ~ Pee Wee Dread
New Orleans native Peewee Dread (born Darius Collins) has been singing since childhood. Growing up in a city full of distinct musical traditions Peewee developed his own style incorporating his Creole-Caribbean style into Reggae and Hip Hop. “I sing for the love of the music,” says Peewee. He moved to Minnesota to attend college at Macalester. He’s been part of the music scene ever since. He’s performed all over the United States with many artists including Yellowman, Eek-a-Mouse, Jimmy Cliff, Third World, AfroMan, Justin Hinds, Culture, DMX, De La Soul, Black Eyed Peas, Lupe Fiasco, Das Efx, MatisYahu, Chris Berry, Toots & The Maytals, The Meditations, Sister Carol, Vanilla Ice and many more. Peewee’s band Dread I Dread has twice been honored as the Minnesota Reggae Artists of the Year.
Peewee is Chair of 40 out of Poverty. “The initiative to help our disadvantaged communities connect with business and help foster these relationships for better communities”. 40 out of poverty is helping homeless youth create opportunity through community business partnership. 40 out of Poverty is devoted to motivating the hearts and minds of children (and adults) to develop social awareness and engagement. The idea is to assist them in becoming intimately connected to the environment and to aid working families to economic stability. 40 out of Poverty is focused on addressing and providing solutions for the national food desert crisis. 40 out of Poverty’s sustainability program will bring fresh, organic produce, weekly, to urban communities across the nation, at a price that is affordable. children are hungry they are not focused. If they are not eating the right fruits and vegetables they are sick. If fresh organic produce is not available to children and families it’s called disparity. 40 out of Poverty addresses this crisis.


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